You are not alone. No, you really aren’t. You might think that no one understands what you’re going through or how your personality works but the truth is that enfjs are everywhere and we all share these same struggles. This blog post will discuss 25 common struggles of an enfj and provide some tips on how to get through them! + – Point out what things you don’t like about yourself and try to change them. For an enfj, this can be difficult because they may not know the root of why they’re struggling with a certain trait or aspect of their personality but it’s important that we do our best! One way to start is by keeping track of your flaws in a journal and listing alternate ways for how you could act instead. The key here is consistency – keep trying new behaviors until one sticks so that you can replace bad habits with good ones! + A hug when I need one most: This might sound simple but times where we feel rejected are some of the worst. When these moments happen, go find someone who will listen and give


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