Do you want to grow in your faith? Do you want to know what the Bible teaches about different topics? If so, then one of the best ways for you to do that is by reading. Reading books on a variety of topics will help you learn more about God and His Word. In this post, we are going to share 25 books with you that every Christian should read! This article takes a look at the benefits of reading books. It then shares 25 books that every Christian should read and discusses why these are important to have in your library. – The Bible: This should be a no-brainer, but the Bible is an essential part of every Christian’s life. You can read it on your own or with friends and family members to help you understand what God has for us verses what Satan wants from us. There are so many different translations available that you will find one that works best for you! – Jesus Calling by Sarah Young: If you want to see how Christ speaks to His followers in today’s world then this book is for you. Written as though Jesus Himself were speaking straight into their hearts, this devotional is written daily just like other devotionals that people have grown accustomed to reading over time. It includes inspirational thoughts and prayers which offer encouragement and


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